Forensic Document Examiner & Handwriting Expert

  • Name: Ms. Hiral A. Mehta
  • Address: Flat no 2, Park View, Rajawadi, Road No. 3. Opposite Rajawadi Garden. Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400077
  • Contact: 9820674927
  • Email:
  • Other Educational Background: M. Com(2012), B.Com (2007). Graphologist (2004)


  • Expert Certified- theoretical and practical training under Mr. V. C. Misra for 1 yr for various aspects of Forensic Document Examination and 35 practical cases.
  • Working since October 2008 and independently since October 2009
  • Solved over 800 cases independently.
  • Submitted opinion before various Courts including High Court, Mumbai, and against opposite experts.
  • Worked for well known Banks, Corporates and Defence Ordnance Factory.


  • Forensic Document, Handwriting and Fingerprint examination for Court, Corporate and Personal purpose.
  • Use of various visual devices, measuring devices, lights and photography for examination purpose.
  • Working under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act; Expert Certified
  • Working in accordance with the ASTM guidelines.
  • Oral opinion; reply in letter format stating opinion; detailed reasoned Opinion for legal use
  • Approachable for quick reply with emailed documents for timely action at your end.
  • Charges vary by case, not from the legal point of view but the handwriting point of view


  • Forensic Examination of Handwriting. Comparison of specimen writing or signature, with disputed writing or signature.
  • Anonymous letters, Disguised Writings
  • Suspect identification on the basis of handwriting and signature
  • Opinion on relative age of ink, relative age of paper and binding by non destructive methods.
  • Opinion on genuineness of documents and signatures on them.
  • Document addition/alteration, Handwriting addition/alteration, Paper and book alteration
  • Fingerprint comparison
  • Guidance for scientific cross examination
  • Corporate frauds, bank cheque signature comparison