Forensic Expert Services and Court Recognized Report

  • Handwriting Analysis / Handwriting Comparison
  • Signature Verification / Signature Forgery
  • Forensic Document Examination / Questioned Document Examination
  • Fraud Detection
  • Forensic Consultancy

Even today, documents form an integral basis of all transactions and are an easy target for the wrong doers. Handwriting Examination, while not as perfect as fingerprints or DNA, is still a very useful resource in legal disputes. Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act allows Independent Experts to be easily approached and pave way for effective and efficient testimony in the matters pertaining to authorship and other facets of document examination. Even though it is corroborative, it is usually non-destructive and can be even done on photocopies, thereby allowing an effective tool for the defense without the absolute reliance on and compulsion of the state machinery.

Take your first step for Forensic Document, Handwriting and Signature Examination with a Court Recognised Report u/s 45 of the Indian Evidence Act.

Get Your Examination And Consultancy Done In Time And In Tandem With Your Legal Actions !