Send Case

Let's Initiate the Process Now
1What Documents?
Please send / bring along the disputed / questioned documents and the admitted / known / comparative documents.
2In What Form?
It is preferable to examine originals, at least in Court matters, else the examination of the originals may still have to be done afterwards to be legally relevant. In any case, please send / bring the first generation photocopy that is available with you, and not a zerox of a zerox as it would fade. I will return the copies anyways.
3How Many?
Normally 7-10 contemporaneous signatures in case of examination of signatures and 2-3 pages of handwriting is used in case of handwriting comparison. However, this depends on case to case. So please get or bring what is available and possible and I will let you know if anything further is required.
In Person:
Meeting: Please take an appointment and come at the given address. Court visits and appearances do not allow me fixed working hours, but, I will be happy to coordinate as per mutual convenience.

Drop the Documents:
you may send in or drop by the documents during regular working hours

By Courier:
please send in the documents to the given address with a reputable courier company in a well-sealed manner preferably with a cardboard insert

Over Email:
Please scan the documents at minimum 300dpi and ideally 600dpi as a JPG file and email it to

Any Questions? Contact Me!